Seta Cold Soak Test Bath - 91665-2

ASTM D7501
CEN N403
CGSB-3.0 No.142

The Seta cold soak bath is a specially designed bench top unit with programmable digital temperature control suitable for cooling and heating samples in accordance with cold soak test requirements;

IP PM-EA, CEN N 403: +5 °C for 16 hours, 20 °C for 2 hours
ASTM D7501: +4.5 °C for 16 hours, 25 °C for 2 or 4 hours
CGSB: +1 °C for 16 hours, 25 °C for 2 hours

Seta Cold Soak Test Bath - 91665-2


  • x 4 sample capacity
  • Pre-programmed Cold Soak test conditions
  • Automatic warm up after 16 hours
  • Integral Cooling and Heating, -20 to 80 °C
  • Suitable for pre-conditioning samples at 60 °C

Additional Information

The 12 litre stainless steel liquid bath holds 4 x 500 ml sample bottles and is supplied with a removable bottle carrier. The carrier is designed to fully immerse samples and when lowered into the tank will latch in position to prevent part filled bottles from floating. When the samples are ready to be removed the carrier is raised to a rest position on the tank just above the bath liquid to allow for draining. An external drain tap is located at the rear of the bath for easy drainage.

Heating and cooling is provided by a Thermostir which is user adjustable for set point, ramp control and time functions in the range -20 to 80 °C. Cool down time is typically 45 minutes to 1 °C, then a continuous audible alarm will sound after each cold soak. Warm up is automatic and 15 minutes from 5 °C to 20 °C.

The bath is suitable for both water and water glycol mixes.

Supplied with;
Test jar carriage
x 4 Test jars (4)
Mains lead
Linking power cable

NOTE: Seta Cold Soak bath is designed to pre-cool and cold soak a fuel sample before it is tested for filter blocking tendency in accordance with ASTM D2068; IP 387 and equivalent test methods.

Temperature range-20 to 80 °C
Temperature stability+/-0.02 °C
Sample capacity4 off 500 ml sample bottles
Bath liquid capacity12 litres
RefrigerantCFC free, Single Stage R452A
Cooldown timeApprox. 45 minutes from 25 to 1 °C
Ambient temperature range15 to 30 °C
Size (HxWxD)78 x 32 x 51 cm
Weight46.6 kg
CCCN CodeTariff 90268080


ASTM D7501
CEN N403
CGSB-3.0 No.142
IP PM-EA Determination of the filter blocking tendency of fatty acid methyl esters – Cold Soak Filtration method
ASTM D7501 Determination of Fuel Filter Blocking Potential of Biodiesel (B100) Blend Stock by Cold Soak Filtration Test (CSFT).
CGSB-3.0 No.142 Determination of Cold Soak Filter Blocking Tendency of Biodiesel (B100)
CEN N403 Cold Soak Filter Blocking Tendency of Biodiesel (B100)

Seta Cold Soak Test Bath - 91665-2