Handheld Conductivity Sensor for Jet Fuel (D2 JF-1A-HH model) - 99708-0

ASTM D1655
ASTM D2624
IP 274
DEF STAN 91-091
ISO 6297

The Seta D2 Handheld Conductivity Sensor (D2 JF-1A-HH model) meets the requirements of ASTM D2624. It provides an accurate and rapid conductivity measurement of distillate fuels; and is specifically designed for testing low conductivity fluids such as aviation kerosene

The analyser can measure fuel electrical conductivities between 0 and 2000 picosiemens/meter (pS/M), although it is optimised and normally used in the 0 to 500 pS/M range. The conductivity analyser is constructed of thermally stable internal electronics and two 316 SS coaxial electrode sensors.

Calibration and Verification
Calibration and Verification is quickly and easily performed using the Conductivity Calibration Kit (99714-0) which fits into the instrument.

Handheld Conductivity Sensor for Jet Fuel (D2 JF-1A-HH model) - 99708-0


  • High-Accuracy (± 1.5% of reading), AC measurement technology
  • Temperature range 0 to 35 °C (32 to 95 °F)
  • Stores up to 8 data locations (User can input location names)
  • USB interface for ease of data transfer
  • Sensor tip is capable of being fully immersed in liquid chemical
  • Fully temperature compensated measurement
  • Built-in long life lithium-ion rechargeable battery

Additional Information

The JF-1A-HH Conductivity Sensor incorporates innovative electronics Digital Signal Processing (DSP) techniques to accurately determine the electrical conductivity of fuel products. Conductivity is highly affected by temperature change and reporting temperature with correction is a key requirement of making measurements in accordance with ASTM D2624. The JF-1A-HH Conductivity Sensor allows users to measure samples in any container, such as a bucket or glass jar, offering an accurate portable solution to measuring fuels in tanks, in the field or in the laboratory.

The instrument allows real time sample averaging with trend indicator and the user is provided with a visual reading that the sample has settled to a stable value for improved accuracy of testing. The analyser has integral temperature measurement and compensation which is stored with readings.

An easy to use menu system allows up to 8 samples to be internally stored along with sample temperature, date and time information.

The unit is provided in an industry standard ATEX approved polyamide housing, with built in Lithium Ion rechargeable battery system.

Conductivity Range0-2000 pS/m (contact factory for optional ranges)
Conductivity Accuracy+/-1.5 pS/m (+/-1.5% of reading)
Conductivity Resolution0.1 pS/m
Temperature Range0-35 °C
Temperature Accuracy±0.05 °C
Temperature Resolution0.1 °C
Weight0.5 kg
PowerBuilt-in 2.6AHr Lithium Ion Battery (1000 samples) Sample Trend Line Graph to Assist Data Collection
Outputs128x64 Dot Matrix Display Indicating Conductivity and Temperature
Conductivity Sensor316 SS Coaxial Electrode K = .02
Temperature SensorPlatinum RTD NIST Traceable Calibration
MaterialsHousing Polyamide Sensor 316SS and PEEK
Size (HxWxD)31 x 11 x 10 cm
CCCN CodeTariff 90268020


ASTM D1655
ASTM D2624
IP 274
DEF STAN 91-091
ISO 6297
ASTM D1655 Standard Specification for Aviation Turbine Fuels
DEF STAN 91-091 Aviaton Fuel Specification
ASTM D2624 Measurement of Electrical Conductivity of Distillate Fuels
IP 274 Measurement of Electrical Conductivity of Distillate Fuels
ISO 6297 Determination of electrical conductivity in Aviation and Distillate fuels