A calibration and verification tool for the handheld conductivity meter allowing quick and easy calibration / verification of the handheld instrument. The tool is99714-0_case_and_cert-lo suitable for use on the 99708-0 and the JF-1A-HH instrument.

The calibration and verification tool is optimised for AC conductivity measurement with active components ensuring long term stability and accuracy. On completion of the calibration a report is generated showing changes to the instrument and the re-calibration date is automatically updated.

The kit, housed in a protective case comprises of a calibration and verification tool, USB cable, software (supplied on USB and CD) and instructions.

It is recommended that the unit is supported in a stand during calibration, available from Seta as part number 99708-002

Hardware requirements are a Windows compliant PC with at least one free USB port. Windows XP or emulated XP are supported. Windows 7 support will be available as a free of charge upgrade.

The calibration and verification device is supplied with full certification and need not be re-certified for 3 years.

Calibration Kit for Handheld Conductivity Meter Order Part Number 99714-0