Are the AvCount seals and tubing compatible with renewable diesels, both FAME and non-ester renewable diesel? -

The standard SA1000-0 AvCount and SA1000-2 AvCount2 particle counters are compatible with petrodiesel, biodiesel/biodiesel blends and renewable diesels (green diesel).

The standard materials are:

External Tubes (easily replaceable):        Polyurethane

Internal Tubing:                                                Nylon PA12

Measurement Cell Lens:                               Quartz Crytal

Main components and fittings:                  Stainless Steel, PTFE


All models of AvCount are also available with Isolast (similar to Kalrez) seals.  These are designed to withstand highly aggressive hydraulic oils such as Skydrol.

(Please note that the Isolast version must be specified at the time of ordering, there are some other internal components that require changing).


There is an ASTM Test Method for particle measurement in middle distillate fuels – ASTM D7619.

This test method is referenced in the D975 specification (petrodiesel and biodiesel blends up to B5) as well as the D6751 specification (Biodiesel B6 to B20 blends)

The D7619 test method was specifically written around the AvCount range of instruments, which are still the only instruments that meet the requirements.