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AvCount Lite Particle Counter

Part Number SA1800-0

The AvCount Lite particle counter provides reliable results for determining the particle concentration in liquid fuels and oils, including aviation fuel cleanliness to Defence Standard 91-091.

Simple operation
Portable, compact instrument
Under 4 minute test time
Programmable via PC

The portable particle counter features a simple test procedure and user friendly features, operator skill or expertise is kept to a minimum.

AvCount Lite can hold up to 3 test methods with custom methods created on a PC before being uploaded.

Test progress and results for up to 6 size bands are displayed as cumulative particles/ml and ISO 4406 cleanliness codes.

Particle counting in diesel fuels and biodiesel
Particle counting for hydraulic oil analysis
Skydrol resistant version available

AvCount Lite Particle Counter IP 565, ASTM D7619


Calibrated to ISO 11171, traceable to NIST SRM 2806b
Cumulative Particles/ml
ISO Cleanliness Codes
Simple operation
High visibility screen
Bottle samples or On-Line
Stand-alone or PC controlled
Programmable via PC


ASTM D6786, ASTM D7619, ASTM D7647, ASTM D975, GJB 420-1987/420-A-1996/420B-2006, IP 565, ISO 4406


Petroleum - Fuels & Oils




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