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Saybolt Viscometer Bath

Part Number 83201-2

The Saybolt Viscometer Bath is an oil filled bath designed to heat two sample filled viscometer cups and then maintain them at a constant temperature while the flow time is measured.


The 14 litre bath has a temperature range of ambient to 250C (482F) with a stability of 0.03C (0.1 above 150C). It is heated by a thermostir unit with a stand-alone digital temperature controller. A fine temperature adjustment control is fitted to the thermostir allowing very accurate temperature to be set. An integral cooling coil, when connected to a cold water supply, provides precise control when the set temperature is near the ambient temperature of the laboratory. The bath is fitted with a fail-to-safe thermal cut-out and a drain trap.

Supplied with: remote temperature controller, mains lead, interconnection lead and instruction manual.

Notes: ASTM D88 covers the measurement of Saybolt Universal and Saybolt Furol viscosities of petroleum products at temperatures between 21 and 99C (70 and 210F). ASTM E102 covers the measurement of Saybolt Furol viscosity at temperatures between 121 and 232C (250 and 450F).


Temperature range Ambient to 250C (482F)
Temperature Stability 0.03 up to 150C (302F) 0.1 above 150C (302F)
Capacity 14 litres
Bath Fluid Oil
Capacity 14 litres
Voltage 110/120V, 50/60Hz 220/240V, 50/60Hz
Power 101kW
Size (HxWxD) 79 x 49 x 31cm
Weight 20kg
CCCN Code: Tariff 90278091


ASTM D88Standard Test Method for Saybolt Viscosity
ASTM E102Standard Test Method for Saybolt Furol Viscosity of Bituminous Materials at High Temperatures
AASHTO T72Determination of Saybolt universal, furol, and road oil viscosities of petroleum and bituminous products up to 450F (232C)
FTM 791 304Viscosity
Saybolt Viscometer Bath


For use with Saybolt or Bitumen cups
Temperature range ambient to 250C (482C)
14 litre oil filled stainless steel bath
1000W heater
Digital temperature controller
Thermostir unit with fine temperature control adjustment (0.1C range)
Cooling coil


AASHTO T72, ASTM D88, ASTM E102, FTM 791 304


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