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The future of cetane analysis is gathering pace

Aside from offering a modern and precise approach, there are several factors which are influencing the move towards CVCC technology, not least the high operational and maintenance costs of running a CFR engine.

AFIDA offers a quantum change in CVCC analysis of CN and its design has taken into consideration anticipated industry trends as well as the demands of modern fuel blending. AFIDA is not a “derived” or “correlated” approach, the analyser operates at a fixed 580 deg C chamber temperature which does not vary and is not adjusted by the user.

The trend towards AFIDA is rapidly gathering pace as companies optimise investment for future cetane number determination and identify the significant potential cost savings offered by this new and approved technology.

Standardisation activity:
• IP 617: Determination of generic cetane number (G-CN) of fuels using a constant volume combustion chamber — primary reference fuels calibration (PRFC) method.
• ASTM DXXXX will refer to ICN (Indicated Cetane Number) and IP 617 will change to reflect this.
• CEN pr EN 17155 reporting ICN has been written and is due out for enquiry ballot with member states.
• CEN WG24 has agreed to include the AFIDA method in the next revision of EN 590 post 2018…a sure sign of things to come.

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