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New regulations from October 2017

The use of mercury in glass thermometers has been a safety concern for some while and with effect from October 2017 new regulations mean that thermometers containing mercury may no longer be supplied within the European Union.

To meet the new regulations Stanhope-Seta has launched a range of low hazard liquid in glass thermometers which do not contain mercury and provide equivalent operating parameters to traditional ASTM-IP mercury thermometers, these are available as replacements for many of the traditional thermometer types/ranges. The new instruments are manufactured to the same dimension which means that they fit directly into apparatus designed to operate with ASTM-IP thermometers. They contain a blue filling and are marked with an 'S' or 'ST' prefix which allows easy identification. ASTM E2251 lists a range of low hazard thermometers and the new SETA instruments generally conform to this specification and are suitable for certification.

In addition to the new glass thermometers a range of high precision SETA digital thermometers are now available; these provide a cost effective alternative for many measurement applications in general compliance with ASTM E1137 and ASTM E2877 specifications. These instruments have fast measurement response covering a wide temperature range between -199.99 to +1200C. They are supplied with stainless steel temperature probes; most include a UKAS traceable calibration certificate in accordance with accreditation requirements of ISO 17025.

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