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Flowmeters (6) 1 l per hr & regulator

Part Number 16601-3

A compact flow control unit designed for use with the 16600-3 Hightemp Bath. Suitable for a typical test duration of 164 hours at 120C with air delivered at a volume of 1 l/hr. Equipped with gas inlet pressure regulator, pressure gauge, over pressure valve and six precision variable area flowmeters with needle valves. The scale is direct reading for ease of use.


6 flowmeters for 1 l/hr
For use with Oxygen
Independent gas control to each test cell
Each flowmeter can be adjusted to provide 1 l/hr +/-0.1 l/lhr
Panel mounted direct fitting onto 6 Way Hightemp Bath (16600-3)
Integral gas inlet pressure regulator & gauge


ASTM D2440, BS EN 61125A, BS EN 61125B, IP 280, IP 306, IP 307, IP 335, ISO 7624


Petroleum - Fuels & Oils

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