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Silver Corrosion Kit for Grease ASTM D4048, IP 112

Part Number 11519-0

The Silver Corrosion Kit comprises all of the accessories required to carry out tests on Grease to ASTM D4048 and IP 112. Quantities are sufficient for running two tests simultaneously.

Supplied with 10 Test Jars, 10 Vented Corks, 2 Supports, 10 Flat Glass Tubes, Copper Strips (30), ASTM chart, Multi-Strip Vice, Tongs, polishing materials and stopwatch.

Note: Compatible with 11300-2, 11305-2, 11400-7, 15550-3 and 99200-3 Corrosion Baths.

Silver Corrosion Test Kit for Grease


ASTM D4048, IP 112

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