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Copper Corrosion Kit for Grease

Part Number 11519-0

The Copper Corrosion Kit comprises all of the accessories required to carry out tests on Grease to ASTM D4048 and BS2000-112, IP 112. Quantities are sufficient for running two tests simultaneously.

Includes 50 x silicon carbide paper - 240 grit, 1 x silicon carbide grains 150 grit (pack of 5 x 500g), 1 x tongs, 1 x multi-strip vice, 30 x copper test strips, 10 x flat glass test tubes, 1 x ASTM copper strip corrosion standard, 1 x digital stopwatch, 10 x graduated jar and corks, 2 x test jar holders, 10 glass vent tubes.

Note: Compatible with 11300-2, 11305-2, 11400-7, 15550-3 and 99200-3 Corrosion Baths.

Silver Corrosion Test Kit for Grease


ASTM D4048, BS 2000-112, IP 112

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