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Seta Tack Tester

Part Number 19600-0


The Seta Tack Tester was designed to provide an objective and qualitative test for tackiness. The tester quantifies the cohesive and adhesive tactile properties of greases by measuring the separability of the sample in Newtons. This simple to use device is ideal for quality control applications and requires no operator training.

The ability to form threads before separation has historically relied on the ‘Finger Test’. However, variables such as texture, temperature and oils from the skin can affect the tackiness of grease.

Initial trials indicate the capability to differentiate between grades of greases and achieve a repeatability of approximately 4%.

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Seta Tack Tester


Measures grease separation characteristics in Newton (N)
Removes subjectivity and provides specific seperability reading
Helps optimise the use of tackiness additives
Fully automated and easy test to perform
20 second test time
Repeatable result – ideal for quality controls
0.8 grams sample size
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