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Silver and Copper Corrosion Bath

Part Number 11400-7

The bath is a stainless steel water or oil bath, digitally controlled to 0.1 C over a temperature range of ambient +5 C to 150 C, used to determine the corrosive effects of fuels, lubricants and other hydrocarbon products on copper and silver.

The bath has nine test stations, each with a lid and hook for suspending either a Corrosion Pressure Vessel (11500-0) or a test tube Support Assembly (11420-0). The test tube support can hold up to three Test Tubes (11590-0). You can use any combination of copper corrosion vessels and test tube supports.

Bio fuel compatibleBio fuel compatible
Copper and Silver Corrosion Bath


Maximum capacity of 27 tubes
programmable digital temperature controller
Thermometer port
Digital timer


ASTM D130, ASTM D4048, ASTM D4814, ASTM D7667, ASTM D7671, BS 2000-112 & IP 112, BS EN ISO 2160 & BS 2000-154 & ISO 2160, IP 154, IP 611

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