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H2S Vapour Phase Processor (VPP)

Part Number SA4015-0

IP 570 Procedure A - ‘Determination of Hydrogen Sulfide in Fuel Oil’

The VPP is used with the the H2S Analyser to improve precision and accuracy. The VPP is required for distillate or residual fuel samples conforming to IP 570 Procedure A and crude oil samples in accordance with ASTM D7621, appendix X1.

IP 570 procedure A includes the VPP accessory which provides the marine industry with a more robust specification tool for monitoring H2S. This is achieved by removing any interfering chemicals such as toluene, xylene or mercaptans which can damage the sensor and ‘interfere’ with readings. The method including the VPP accessory is designed to promote the safer use of residual and distillate fuels, recognising the fact that the industry is entering into a new realm of multi-blend products driven by increasing environmental regulation.

The H2S Analyser with VPP is an excellent tool for supporting product Quality Control and safety ensuring users are given better protection against the supply of poor quality fuels. It is also ideal for both product remediation treatment of feedstock components and off-spec products with fast repeat sample measurement capability.

H2S Analysis of Crude Oil - ASTM D7621, appendix X1.

Many crude oils come out of the well with high levels of H2S, but a stabilisation process usually reduces this level so the fuel is safe to handle, store and transport.

The H2S Analyser combined with the VPP offers a fast and robust means of determining H2S levels to ensure efficient treatment of crudes. The instrument provides a cost effective alternative to traditional methods which cannot offer a true indication of H2S, especially at low gas levels.

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H2S Vapour Phase Processor (VPP)


Accessory for H2S Analyser to IP 570 Procedure A
Proved to eliminate the effects of chemical interference
Improved precision and accuracy
Distillate and Residual Fuel samples, Crude Oil, plus broader range of petroleum products


ASTM D7621, IP 570, ISO 8217


Petroleum - Fuels & Oils

Chemicals & Solvents


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