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Seta Oil Test Centrifuge - 4 place

Part Number 90000-3

The Seta Oil Test Centrifuge is a heating centrifuge fitted with a rotor head with four universal pivoting buckets. The centrifuge is used to determine water and sediment in oils.

The rotation speed, temperature, acceleration rate and time are set using the control panel. Test parameters can be saved as a program and recalled quickly.


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Bio fuel compatibleBio fuel compatible
'Setaalert' remote monitoring compatible'Setaalert' remote monitoring compatible
Seta Oil Test Centrifuge ASTM IP


Conforms to safety requirements IEC 1010-1; 1010-2-D
4 place swing out rotor
Static, near vertical bucket positioning
Specifically designed for testing oils
Heated chamber, ambient to 80°C
Membrane ‘touch’ control panel
Pre-heat facility to ensure bowl is at test temperature prior to test
Universal buckets for 12.5 ml, 6 and 8 inch glassware
Optional ‘Setafuge’ Hazard Reduction System
Microprocessor control with 99 memories
Optional trolley


ASTM D1290, ASTM D1796, ASTM D2273, ASTM D2709, ASTM D2711, ASTM D4007, ASTM D893, ASTM D91, ASTM D96 (obs), ISO 3734, ISO 9030


Petroleum - Fuels & Oils

Crude Oil

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