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MTVM - Kerosine 500ml

Part Number 99850-0

A unique secondary reference material that provides traceable validation of different test parameters from one sample. Rapid global delivery and compliance with ISO 17025 & ISO 9001 requirements, mean that Seta's verification materials offer readily available support for laboratory accreditation and compliance programmes.

Distillation IBP:Range: 140 to 180C
Amount/test: 100ml
Distillation 10%:Range: 159 to 188C
Amount/test: 100ml
Distillation 50%:Range: 183 to 218C
Amount/test: 100ml
Distillation 90%:Range: 220 to 247C
Amount/test: 100ml
Distillation FBP:Range: 244 to 268C
Amount/test: 100ml
Distillation Residue:Range: 1.1 to 1.3 %vol
Amount/test: 100ml
Distillation Loss:Range: 0.4 to 0.7 %vol
Amount/test: 100ml
Flash Point:Range: 35 to 60C
Amount/test: 85ml
Freezing Point:Range: -62 to -44C
Amount/test: 25ml
Aromatics FIA:Range: 16 to 22 %vol
Amount/test: 0.75ml
Smoke Point:Range: 20 to 25mm
Amount/test: 20ml
Kin Vis -20C:Range: 2 to 8mm2/s
Amount/test: 20ml
Acid Number:Range: <0.100mg KOH/g
Amount/test: 100ml
Mercaptans:Range: 0.0003 to 0.0100%(m/m)
Amount/test: 40ml


Bio fuel compatibleBio fuel compatible
MTVM - Kerosine 500ml


A highly cost effective solution to laboratory verification requirements
Verification to ASTM/CEN/ISO/IP and equivalent test procedures
Cross-checks instrument performance using real product sample
Assistance for operator training


ASTM D1319-IP 156, ASTM D1322, ASTM D2386-IP 16, ASTM D3227-IP 342, ASTM D3242-IP 354, ASTM D445-IP 71, ASTM D86, EN 13736, IP 123, IP 170, IP 57, ISO 3012, ISO 3104, ISO 3405

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