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Setavap Vapour Pressure Analyser

Part Number 80000-0

The Setavap Analyser is an automatic multi-mode vapour pressure tester with a test pressure range of 0-600kPa and a temperature range from 25C below ambient to 100C. The instrument is fully automatic, including the septum change, sample draining, and print-out of test results.

Calibration and verification equipment availableCalibration and verification equipment available
Setavap Vapour Pressure Analyser ASTM IP


Five vapour pressure modes, including Reid
Vapour-Liquid ratio mode
Automatic operation
Selectable units
Integral printer
RS232 interface


ASTM D5188, ASTM D5191, BIS IS 1448 Part 39, Correlates with: D323; D2533; D4953; D5482; D6378; IP 69; IP 402 (obs); ISO 3007; EN 12 (obs); JIS K2258; NF M07-079, EN 13016-1, EN 13016-2, IP 394, IP 409


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