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Vapour Pressure Gauge 0 to 700kPa

Part Number 22550-0

Bourdon-Tube type pressure gauge with 150mm diameter mirror band dials to eliminate paralax errors while reading. The graduations are marked in kPa and psi (lbf/in2).

Vapour Pressure Gauge 0 to 700kPa


Pressure range 0 to 700kPa (0 to 100psi)
Accuracy 1% fsd
150mm dial
Mirror scale in kPa and psi
1/4 inch BSP fitting
Sturdy handle


ASTM D1267, ASTM D323 Procedures A, C & D, ASTM D4953 Procedure A, BS EN ISO 4256, BS 2000-410, BS ISO 3007, BS 2000-69, IP 410, IP 69 Procedures A, C & D

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